Scribble… Scrabble… Scratch! That’s the sound of The Geeky Pen translating your rulebooks and in-game content.
Our team consists of licensed translators who also have ample gaming experience: a rare combination.
Need your game localized in 12 languages but don’t know where to start? Leave the project management to us!
Now choose your own adventure:

Translation - Proofreading - Writing

The Geeky Pen offers professional board game translations in both English and Dutch. Other languages are available on demand, thanks to our large network of professional translators.

We also provide proofreading, revisions, editing and even rulebook writing. Need a backstory for one of your games? Find it here!

Our biggest strengths are our fast delivery times and excellent communication skills.

If you’d like to discover which games we’ve scribbled our geeky ink on, be sure to check them all out in the¬†Portfolio¬†section!

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Scribbles From Clients

"Jo improves readability by suggesting the right structure for rulebooks. He uses his extensive experience in the board game industry to add quality to your work."

Vincent V.
Board Game Designer

"Jo is fast, smart and he knows what a board game needs! This guy adds true value to your French to Dutch translations!"

Antoine D.
Board Game Publisher

"The Geeky Pen is an attentive and devoted translator with whom we will definitely work again."

Alain L.
Game Designer & Publisher

"Good French to Dutch translation work, fast and reliable!"

Romain D.
Game Designer & Editor

"Simply amazing. The man walks along your path and warns you of potholes in the road. Highly recommended!"

Fred C.
Board Game Publisher

"TGP helped us with one of our projects. Really great and fast translation, very meticulous proofreading! Thank you!"

HaoYuan Z.
Board Game Designer

"TGP did an awesome job by perfectly translating our game despite the short delay we had set. We will for sure work with him again!"

Yves R.
Board Game Publisher

"Jo works well, and fast! We often rely on him for translations from English (or French) to Dutch. We recommend him for translations and proofreading."

Jessica P.
Board Game Publisher

"A great team player with a lot of experience, who has attention to detail, consistency and accessibility. Looking forward to many more shared projects."

Daniel T.
Board Game Publisher

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