Board Game Copywriting

Your work as a publisher is never done. Especially when it comes to creating content!
Board game localization is our core business. But there are more ways we can help you.
Discover how our creative writing services will make your life easier.

Do you have a big thematic board game that contains lots of lore?
Or are you an indie publisher whose first language just isn’t English?
At The Geeky Pen, we provide every game with equal care and attention.
If you made it here, it’s clear 
you only want the best for your project.

Your grammar, spelling and sentence structures are submitted to the highest quality standards, and we make sure your use of terminology is consistent before localizing your game in other languages.

Are your players warding off demons in 19th century London?
Are they noir detectives trying to figure out whodunnit?
Are they woodland critters protecting their forest from invaders?

The Geeky Pen acts as a consultant for all your stories.
We eliminate plot holes and spruce up your prose.
We sprinkle fairy dust over your characters’ backstories and lore.
All while staying true to your original storylines and concepts.

How Can We Make Your Life Easier?

Tell us about your project, and what we can do to help it reach its potential.

“Attentive to detail! We will definitely work with them again.”
Alain L – Multifaces Éditions