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splitter board game localization

Roll-and-write games have taken the board gaming world by storm. Where did they come from, and what makes them so popular?

Hanna is a professional freelance graphic designer from Sweden, who has worked with us on Stroganov. Find out more about her!

bruxelles 1893 board game translation square

This week, I visited the headquarters of Geek Attitude Games to try out the new expansion for Bruxelles 1893 that's coming to Kickstarter in early 2022.

stroganov board game localization service

How does The Geeky Pen organize a board game localization in up to 12 languages? Discover the process from A to Z!

meadow rulebook localization

The best way to learn something new is to do it while you're having fun. Find out how board games function as low-key educational tools.

metal coins board game translation agency

The price of a professional board game localization depends on various elements. Let's break down exactly what it is you're investing in.

harry potter translation

That's right! Translating "A Year At Hogwarts" gave me a new-found admiration for literary translators... and earwax flavored jelly beans.