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Frequently Asked Questions… and Frequently Given Answers.

Who is The Geeky Pen?

Nice to meet you, fellow geekling!

My name is Jo!

I’ve been a professional freelance translator since 2005.
I’ve also been an avid board gamer since 2012.
My trusty Kallax currently holds around 100 games.

board game translator
Over the past few years, the tabletop gaming industry has taken a leap forward in terms of components and artwork.
However, when it comes to translation and localization, there’s still no quality standard.
‘Hobby translators’ are still filling rulebooks with spelling and grammar mistakes, and poor sentence structuring.
That’s why The Geeky Pen was founded.

Our mission is to create and maintain a professional standard for board game translations.
Your rulebook is the first thing a new customer sees when they open the box.
Together, let’s leave a great first impression.

1. Project Management: at The Geeky Pen, you are assigned 1 contact person who manages up to 12 languages. You don’t need to worry about dealing with individual translators and proofreaders ever again. That’s our job!

2. InDesign: you can choose to have us work directly in your InDesign files. Our graphic designers coordinate closely with our translation teams. They make sure everything fits, while keeping the rules of your game clear and crisp.

3. Quality: we are not ‘hobby translators’. We all play a lot of games, of course, but each of us also has a linguistic degree and years of professional experience in the translation industry. We screen our translators carefully, so you don’t have to!

4. Speed: our experience in the board gaming industry has taught us that your deadlines as a publisher are often very tight. After working on over 100 projects since we first started back in 2015, we have not missed a single deadline.

5. Communication: we respond to all your emails in under 24 hours, making sure you always have peace of mind.

Most full-size (30x30cm) games range from €300 to €700 ($350 to $850) per language. Please note that the price depends on both the target language and the total amount of words.

If you’re interested in reading more about exactly what it is you’ll be investing in, please refer to our article on how much a board game translation costs.

To receive your custom quote right away, send us your files in PDF format, with selectable text. We’ll get back to you in under 24 hours!
For 1 language, most full size (30x30cm) games take about 3-4 business days to translate, proofread and deliver.
For 2-5 languages, you can expect a turnaround of about 5-10 business days.
For 6 languages and up, the average delivery time is around 10-14 business days.

To receive your custom quote and delivery time, send us your files in PDF format, with selectable text.
We’ll get back to you in under 24 hours!


Our entire team is equipped with professional translation software that helps us to efficiently localize your game.
With the help of Trados or MemoQ, we can take on even the biggest of RPGs while keeping your terminology consistent.
Tell us about your project, and let’s get the ball rolling.

You bet!

The Geeky Pen takes care of all your written content.
Want us to look at your Kickstarter copy, write a chapter for your RPG campaign, or a backstory for your characters?
Tell us about your project and let’s get the ball rolling.

Yes! Well, it depends… We do have some requirements.
First off, you need to be a licensed translator. That means you must have a linguistic degree. No exceptions, sorry!
You must also have a registered VAT number and you need to be able to issue invoices.
Lastly, you need to be able to demonstrate that you have experience translating games.
If this is you, send us a message and let’s get to know each other!

Tell Us About Your Project!

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“The Geeky Pen works well, and fast! We often rely on him for our translations.”
Jessica P – Asmodee