Board Game Translation

In this game, players take on the role of board game publishers trying to bring their new game to life!
You are pressed for time and need to have your rulebook translated in 5 languages as quickly as possible.
You’ll need to act fast and use your resources wisely if you want to outsmart your opponents.

Will you succeed in printing your rulebook before your deadline expires?


1. Open your laptop and place it in the middle of the table.
2. Click to open your email client.
3. Attach your rulebook in PDF format, with selectable text.
4. Press ‘Send’ and receive your quote in less than 24 hours.

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Game Overview

A game of Geeky Pen takes place over just one round.
The round consists of a number of phases.
We’ll learn more about them in the next section.

In this phase, translators are assigned to your project.
Each of them has a linguistic degree and gaming experience.
You will be notified if our teams run into issues or questions.
Once your first draft is finished, move on to the next phase.

Next, proofreaders are going to take care of your documents.
Each of them has a linguistic degree and gaming experience.
They will run your translation through multiple quality checks.
If the translators and proofreaders agree, move on to InDesign.

This phase is optional, but it allows you to score bonus points.
Getting 5 languages to fit into InDesign is no easy task.
Our designers coordinate closely with our translation teams.
We edit, shorten, polish and preserve every little nuance!

The end of the game is triggered when your files arrive.
Now it’s time to send them to the printers and calculate scores.
Wanna know a secret…? We saved the best for last…
When you finish a Geeky Pen game, everyone’s a winner!

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“The Geeky Pen is not only a translator, but also a player. He understands the rules.”
Etienne E – Geek Attitude Games